World Freight Relocations specialist in vacht vervoer. Verhuis bedrijf gespecialiseerd in luchtvracht en zeevracht.
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World Freight Relocations


Our specialists will ensure your migration is a successful operation.

Int. transport

WFR offers customisation of industrial packaging for commercial and individual clients.


Sea freight

WFR operates as a true “freight specialist” practically all over the world. Sea transport has long tradition in intercontinental traffic.

Air freight

With WFR, your transport range does not stop at Europe, there are world wide opportunities. WFR offers you fast, efficient, flexible and reliable service.

Welcome to WFR

A new name and a familiar face!

Who we are:
World Freight Relocations BV is an independent specialised removal and transport company, we are at your service!


Removal companies, shippers and consumers who need their goods transported to a location abroad, WFR will arrange it from the beginning to the end.


WFR is an independent expediter and operates for the removal business as for the commercial Freight Forwarding.


WFR is located in Rotterdam from where we can send your goods anywhere in the world.


WFR knows what Importing and Exporting removal goods and commercial freight entails!


We can offer our services for air and sea freight.

We look forward to being of service to you and guarantee that we will treat your transport request with the best care.


Call us or send an e-mail with your request for information on countries, removal advice or anything else: World Freight Relocations BV can do it, we are ready for your call!

World Freight Relocations

World Freight Relocation